Fresh Patch Mini (Classic Cardboard Tray)

Fresh Patch

Fresh Patch Mini Classic Cardboard Tray (1.33sqft, 12"x16", 3-6lbs) ideal for small dogs (19lbs or less) and all kinds of other little pets.  In Western Canada the mini is filed grown on farm grade soil, in the East it's greenhouse grown turf on a light proprietary growing media.  Each Fresh Patch features the highest quality grass seed, up to 850 grass plants per sqft.

Your Fresh Patch ships in a leak-proof, disposable, cardboard box.  Remove the lid to use, replace and dispose of when done. 

Free Shipping to major cities in BC, AB, ON and QC during winter months.  Extra shipping to all other provinces until May 1/18. 

Change Sizes, Skip a Shipment, No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.

Note: Fresh Patch is a live grass, highly perishable product and the colour, and weight changes with the seasons and weather.  During winter field grown turf is typically less green than spring and summer.

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